Homework will be handed out each Monday and is to be returned on Friday.  Homework will reflect work that is being done in class and students should be able to complete it with minimal assistance.  If your child is having any difficulties, please let me know so that I can assist.  If they are unable to complete all of the work due to family commitments, they should just complete as much as they can.

Friends of 10 and 20 -

We will be practising across the year, instantly recalling friends of 10 and friends of 20.  This is simply 2 numbers that combine to make 10 or 20.  eg 6 and 4, 7 and 3, 9 and 1 are friends of 10,  If children can instantly recall these number combinations, then it makes it easier to move onto more difficult additions and subtractions.  In early days, a ten frame and counters helps children to visually see how the friends of ten combinations work.  If you would like a ten frame and some counters, please ask and I can send one home for you to use at home.  This butterfly website activity is another useful way for children to see this concept.

butterfly ten frame

Term 1 Homework

Homework will begin in Week 3 across Stage 1 classes.


Home reading

Home reading diary page (docx 35 KB)  It is vitally important to read with your child as much as possible.  You are welcome to include any home or library books.  Home readers are available at school which give books which are suited to your child's reading level.


Maths practice

Try this website  - lots of opportunities to practise Maths skills in all the different Maths strands.

IXL Maths website - Year 2

If you find these too hard or too easy, you can always have a go at the Year 1 or Year 3 activities!


Spelling city

At school we complete weekly spelling activities using the online program, Spelling city.  This program allows students to access their own weekly spelling list and play a variety of games which help practise their words. 

This program can also be accessed at home if you wish.  Children can use their own spelling list, or if they wish, they can type their own words in, or access another group's list.

Instructions for accessing this  are attached. How to access Spelling City (docx, 11 KB)

Here's the link. Spelling city


If you would like to improve your child's reading and writing skills, you may like to download and practice the following:-

LIPI Mad Minute

This includes all of the LIPI sounds that will be introduced this year.  Practising these Mad Minute sheets develops speed and fluency in reading.  It also increases your child's vocabulary as they are exposed to more and more new words.  The LIPI stories include lots of examples of the LIPI sounds.

LIPI mad minute (doc, 176 KB)  LIPI stories (doc, 1076 KB)


Sight word lists

The more your child practises reading and writing these sight words, the more fluent their reading will become.

100 sight words (pdf, 708 KB)   200 sight words (pdf, 729 KB)



Mathletics provides a fun way of practising Maths skills.  We will be accessing this at school, but feel free to use this at home as well.  Let me know if you need your child's log-on and password.

Mathletics website