Welcome to 2B 2016!

We are off and running in 2B with many exciting experiences planned. I am looking forward to working with all the students in 2B, encouraging and supporting them as they develop into confident, creative and lifelong learners.


Library day for our class will be on Wednesdays. Students are encouraged to borrow and return books on this day.

Sport will be on Monday afternoons. Students from 2B will join other Stage 1 students to complete physical activities that specifically target the development of fundamental movement skills.

Homework begins week 5 and will be given out weekly. Work will reflect what is being learnt in class. Homework is given out on Monday and will be due Friday.


Home Readers: Students are encouraged to take home a home reader each night. The home reader gives your child a book which is close to their reading level. If your child has other favourite books at home or borrows books from the library, these can also be included as home reading material on the diary. If you find a book too hard, you may need to read it to your child, or read it together. Any reading experiences are valuable and promote a love of reading for children.

If you would like to contact me regarding your child's learning or wellbeing please do not hesitate to email me or ring the office to make an appointment.


Kind Regards,

Mark Berry

School Phone: 48894250

Email: mark.berry@det.nsw.edu.au


2B's class letter will be attached below shortly