Stage 1 Maths resources

Stage 1 Maths resources

 It is so important that school and home are both working together to support our children in all aspects of their learning.

Mathletics is a great resource which helps your child practise maths skills in a fun way.

Attached are some other Maths resources that you might find useful when helping your child at home with their Maths.


Hundreds chart (docx, 11 KB)

Good for familiarisation with the order of numbers from 1-100


Ten frame (docx, 10 KB)

20 frame (docx, 10 KB)

The ten frame is helpful when practising "friends of ten" additions and subtractions. The twenty frame extends these to additions and subtractions to 20.


0-9 number flashcards (docx, 10 KB)

These cards can be printed and cut out to practise numbers, make 2 and 3 digit numbers and to play games.  (tip - print out 2 or 3 copies )


Before and after (docx, 11 KB)

This includes a blank template and examples with different numbers.  Children identify which two numbers come before or after the middle number.  (Can be done with smaller numbers and larger numbers.)


2 digit number flashcards (docx, 12 KB)

These cards can be printed out to practise 2 digit numbers.  You can ask your child what comes before or after a given card, what is 10 more or less than the card, or use 2 cards to practise adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.  (just a few ideas)


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