The homework that students will be asked to complete is linked directly to the learning that is happening within the classroom during that time. It is expected that students complete their homework tasks to reinforce and enrich their learning both within the classroom and the wider home/community environment.

Homework grids will be given out to the students on a Monday, and are expected to be completed and returned FORTNIGHTLY (on the Friday). That is, students are given 2 weeks to complete the activities on the homework grid.

Spelling lists will be given to the students on a WEEKLY basis, handed out on the Monday and expected to be returned on the Friday.



Weeks 9 & 10

Animal Research Project (doc 553 KB) 


Spelling Lists 

Week 9

Jellyfish (docx 14 KB)

Monkeys (docx 15 KB)

Whales (docx 15 KB)

Seals (docx 15 KB)

Tigers (docx 15 KB)