Term 1 2017


                                                  library seat                  


  Welcome to Term 1 2017

Congratulations to the Library Monitors for 2017

   Callum Morrison, Tom Williamson, Cameron Harris, Lauren Sharp, Shyla Facey

Grace Shakeshaft,  Madison Johnson-Koski, Briella Klopfer and Bella Martin

       The library is busy with everyone reading and starting to borrow books for 2017.
     The students are settling into their library routines well and have been sharing their holiday reading.
     with their friends.
     Students are welcome to visit the Library at lunchtime on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
     each week to read, draw or even join  their friends and put on a puppet show.
     Class library days this year are:
                     Tuesday                              Wednesday                         Thursday
                         3/4G                                  5/6P                                 4D
                         2/3N                                  1/2N                                 1B
                         5/6S                                   KN                                   KP
    All students are encouraged to use a library bag for borrowing to help protect the books.
 All books are borrowed for a 2 week  period. This borrowing period can be extended if your child hasn't finished reading their book. This can be done during library lessons or at lunchtime when the library is open