What Happens In The Library? 

Along with managing library resources and borrowing; the teacher librarian works collaboratively with classroom teachers devising and implementing programs for information literacy, resource discovery and to encourage reading.


The teacher librarian and classroom teachers meet together to plan and evaluate programs for learning in the library, we do this to ensure library lessons support the classroom programs and meet student needs. 


The library focus is to introduce the world of books and reading to the students as well as to

Studnets reading in the library

 develop students information management skills and information process skills

The teacher librarian explicitly teaches these skills either:

  •   through a topic or theme the class is studying, supporting the class HSIE or Science and Technology Units of work; or
  •   with identified English Syllabus outcomes and indicators that supports the class teacher's Literacy program.

In the library we teach students how to manage the large myriad of information from a variety of sources. We want students to work with this information to develop information to knowledge competencies, this enables students to work with information as it emerges in deep and engaging ways. With meaningful interaction with information the students are guided to develop a deep understanding of the selected topic themselves.


Students are explicitly taught how to read, comprehend and reflect upon the written, oral and visual information they find and are asked to make connections between sources of information and between information found and their own experience or knowledge.


The DET website contains lots of useful information to help understand the Information Skills Process (ISP). To learn more click here.



Parent Helpers

Parent helpers are welcome in the library on Thursdays to help with  book covering, shelving books and tidying and putting areas of the Library collection in order. Come in and join or friendly staff and helpers.


Overdue Books

Remember, if students have more than 2 books overdue than they cannot borrow.  Please encourage your child to change their books each week to help reduce the possibility of missing books.


Premier's Reading Challenge

Colo Vale has a reputation of having one of the largest number of students completing the Premier's Reading Challenge and we wish to continue this fine tradition. For more information on the Premier's Reading challenge you can go to the Premier's Reading Challenge Website.


Book Week

Book week is an exciting time in the library. Students have opportunities to explore and judge the nominations for best books of the year, work is displayed, we have a book fair and performances. Book week will be in Term 3. You can watch the term 3 link for more details as it arises. The Children's Book Council of Australia. has lots of information about book week and how to you can contribute to the promotion of reading and literature for young readers.
I look forward to a wonderful year working with the parents, staff and students of Colo Vale Public School.
Anne Wood
Teacher Librarian