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Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy Holiday! Last school day is Wednesday 17 December

Congratulations to our students and staff for a wonderful year at Colo Vale PS! This week we have enjoyed the Year 6 Farewell, our Celebration of Achievement Presentation, Chatswood PS Band Excursion and performance, topped off with our school disco. Enjoy the last week and the School Talent Quest on Monday 15 December. The last day of the year is Wednesday 17 December. We farewell Mrs Kathy Hart and wish her a happy and fulfilling retirement.... Read more

Banish sunburn

Over exposure to UV radiation from the sun in childhood or adolescence increases the risk of developing melanoma later in life. Teach your child how to apply sunscreen properly, and they'll be able to protect themselves even when you're not around. When the number hits 3, protect from UV. Check the daily UV alert in your local newspaper or at A UV level of 1 or 2 will not damage most skin types, but a UV level of 3 or above can be harmful even on a cloudy day. Apply early. Sunscreen needs to be applied 20... Read more

How to get your child reading this summer!

Children who thrive in school tend to have one thing in common – they enjoy reading. It doesn't really matter what your child chooses to read, the important thing for primary-school kids is to encourage them to develop the habit of reading a little each day. With summer school holidays just around the corner, now is a good time to stock up on books from your local library that might interest your child. Series books are a great place to start. Reluctant readers and children who struggle with comprehension can find series books easier to enjoy,... Read more

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What parents should know about Instagram

It's hard to keep up with all the social media platforms and apps our kids want to use. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks for school-aged children at the moment. It's a free, photo and video sharing mobile application and social network for people aged 13 years and over. There's no age-verification process though, so younger children can create an account pretty easily, sometimes without parents even knowing. Instagram say they'll remove under-age users' accounts if they are reported. Instagram has just published... Read more

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Friday 24 October: Oscars Trivia Night at Colo Vale PS

Oscar Trivia Night Friday 24 October, 7:00-10:00pm:$10 Tickets available from the office Wow! What a night! Fabulous Prizes! You are welcome to Dress Up in your glamour gear, walk the red carpet and go in the drawer for a prize or just wear casual clothes. This is an adults only event. Our special guest MC is our resident stand up comic, Hannah Boland! Key features include: * Bring your own drink and nibbles! * Opportunity to book a table for 10 for $100 or single seats for $10 * Silent auctions for some fabulous gifts;bring lots of gold coins... Read more

Term 4 Resumes Tuesday 7 October: 7:30pm P&C Meeting

Welcome back to our final term for 2014. Students return on our first day of term 4, Tuesday 7 October. New parents and families are most welcome to contact the school on 48894250 to chat to our friendly team regarding new enrolments or any enquiries. Our first Parents and Citizens Meeting is Tuesday evening, 7:30pm in the Administration block Staffroom. All are welcome! We are particularly looking forward to discussing our Trivia Adults Only Function, 24 October 2014.... Read more

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When older kids struggle with reading

When older kids struggle to read and write, the issue can become fraught for the whole family. Parents can lose their patience and blame the child or themselves and the child loses their confidence and begins shying away from reading at all. Grades fall and interest in school can flag. Kids who struggle to read often try to hide it from teachers and parents, and develop unhelpful strategies, which only exacerbate the problems. Ways to encourage effective reading in older children Ask your child what subjects they would like to read about.... Read more

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Nurturing the artist in your child

Your child may not go on to become a famous musician, actor, dancer, filmmaker or artist. But by nurturing the artist in your child you can help them grow up able to think for themselves, problem solve and work out different ways to do things. They'll also be better able to see different points of view, communicate and express their feelings in different ways. Here are some top tips: Stimulate your child's senses - Provide opportunities for your child to experience different sights, smells, sensations and sounds. These sensory activities are... Read more

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Building your child's reading skills

Here are some simple tips to encourage your child to become a strong reader and a book lover for the rest of their lives. Share a book at home Children love to hear a story read aloud. Try reading with different voices, lots of emotion, invented sound effects and funny faces. Change the tone in your voice and vary its loudness or softness. Have fun and enjoy it. It's a good idea to practise reading before sharing a book. Listen to your child talk about the story and the pictures. Try asking your child which parts of the books they found... Read more

Term 3 Resumes Tuesday 15 July 2014

Students return to school on Tuesday 15 July 2014 after our winter holidays. Students are reminded to wear full winter school uniform. We look forward to a fantastic school term! We welcome our new enrolments and their families to our school community. Our first Parents and Citizens Meeting is Tuesday evening, 15 July at 7:30pm. All welcome!... Read more

Gold Rush at Colo Vale

Stage 3 enjoyed re-enacting the goldrush experience as they dressed in appropriate 1850's colonial Australia costume and relived the challenges of some our Australian pioneers. Students had to build a tent from sticks, present their gold licences to the troopers, pan for gold using a cradle, cook damper adn solve challenges! It was a great day!... Read more

Colo Vale Performs at Sydney Opera House

This Thursday 26 June, twenty students will join other students from around NSW to perform at the Mimosa Recorder Concert in front of a full house. Our students together with their teachers will be performing their repertoire that they have been learning over the first two terms of the year. Congratulations to all of our students, parents and teachers for supporting this event!... Read more

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Too sick to go to school?

Sometimes it's hard to know if your child is really coming down with something or just suffering a bout of Mondayitis. For safety's sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice. However, if they miraculously recover by 11:00am, ready to race around the backyard, keeping them in bed all day may send the message that staying home isn't nearly as much fun as going to school. The School A to Z website's Too Sick For School? chart will help answer your questions about common childhood illness... Read more

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Sorting fact from fiction

You can't always trust what you read when researching information for homework, assignments or projects. Here are ways your child can tell a good website - or any document - from a bad one. Reader beware With so much information on the web and no-one responsible for fact checking, students need to look out for: bias and hidden agendas factual errors outdated information information which is country specific commercially motivated information. Play the detective Colleen Foley is a curriculum adviser who helps school librarians with the NSW... Read more


Jacana Musica Viva Performance

Our students participated in a stimulating performance as a culmination of a series of Musica Viva music lessons. Our guest musicians were very impressed with our school and our students! Here they are pictured outside our school. It was a fabulous way to start another engaging week of learning.... Read more

Canteen Opening: Friday 23 May

Fabulous news! Congratulations to our team Grace, Sharron and Karen. Our community have reorganised and we have the benefit of three fabulous coordinators! What's new? Our canteen will now be open every Wednesday and Friday all day. The menu and pricing has been updated and is more consistent with other local schools. Colo Vale has enjoyed a very cheap menu for many years. This is no longer sustainable, resulting in menu pricing that is comparable to other local schools. We are very excited! The children cheered for joy!... Read more

Social media, kids and privacy

Regardless of your child's age, the world may already know a lot more about them than you suspect. According to recent research: 92% of children under the age of two have a digital presence (it starts with proud parents posting newborn baby photos on Facebook or Instagram) a quarter of Australian children aged between eight and 12 use Facebook, despite the minimum age for a user being 13 more than 20 per cent of tweens publish photos of themselves on the photo-sharing website Instagram young people between the ages of 14 and 19 have an... Read more

What parents need to know about Kik

It seems that every few months a new social media platform or mobile app emerges and becomes popular with young people in our school community. Suddenly "everyone" is on it, according to our children. It's hard for most adults to keep up. Many parents will have recently heard about Kik Messenger and are wondering if it's safe for children. Here are some facts from the School A to Z website's technology guide: What is Kik Messenger? Kik Messenger is a free texting app available on iPhone, iPad, Ipod touch, Android, Windows, Samsung Galaxy and... Read more

Canteen Closing: Wednesday 7 May last trading day

The P&C have decided to close the canteen. The school has advertised widely for a volunteer canteen coordinator or shared coordinators unsuccessfully. Please contact the school on 48894250 and speak to Jenny Quist, Principal if you are able to contribute any suggestions. This is a signficant loss to our school community as it provides a wonderful service. Tomorrow, Wednesday 7 May is the last day of trading. I would like to thank our many volunteers who have generously offered their time and commitment to provide a healthy canteen service for... Read more


Monday 5 May Parents and Citizens Meeting

I encourage parents to come and enjoy our P&C Meeting with our fantastic community this Monday 5 May at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome! Parents will need to become a financial member to vote. Congratulations to our parents for all of their great contributions and ideas.... Read more

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computer lab with teacher and child

Welcome back to Term 2, Tuesday 29 April!

Students return to school on Tuesday 29 April after the Staff Development Day on Monday 28 April. Staff will engage with professional development including Emergency Care, English, Maths and learning about ipad tablet technology applications for teaching and learning. We are excited with another term of learning together. Students are expected to be in full school uniform, including black school shoes anschool socks.... Read more

easter hat bonnet

Easter Hat Parade and Egg Hunt

We enjoyed a lovely Easter Hat Parade with children, preschoolers and teachers revelling in their gorgeous hats. Our Senior student SRC Student Welfare Committee hosted the family occasion. This was followed by a whole school Easter Egg Hunt and a family picnic or pizza.... Read more

The benefits of team sports

Winter sports are getting underway and many parents will soon be getting out of bed early on cold weekend mornings to transport their children to sports fields across town. The good news is that even if your child's team never scores goal, they're benefitting significantly from simply being active and involved. The long list of benefits for your child includes the development of: cooperation and teamwork skills leadership skills respect for teammates, opponents and officials a sense of belonging and team membership social interaction skills... Read more

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bike riders

Colo Vale on the Tour de Cure Map of the World

Be fit! Be healthy! Be happy! This is the key message of the bike troupe as they ride to raise money and awareness. Our students enjoyed cheering on the riders as they entered our playground. The assembly was fabulous as our students sang for them and presented a slide show on how we are fit, healthy and happy. Many thanks to our students and parents who supported this event,... Read more

tour de cure group

Tour de Cure at Colo Vale: 1:30pm, 28 March

Students and parents are encourged to welcome our special cyclist visitors who are raising awareness about Cancer. This is the Tour de Cure! Our guests will arrive for afternoon tea and then present at a special assembly at 2:00pm. At 2:30pm we will wave them off on there merry way as they continue to travel to promote and educate our community. They are cycling from Sydney to Hobart!... Read more

Meeting your child’s teacher

Meeting teachers to discuss your child's progress or behaviour can be daunting, but there's no need to feel anxious. Remember, you and the school are partners in your child's learning. Whether it's regular parent -teacher interviews or a one-off request for a chat, these useful tips will help you get the most out of your meeting. Do your homework Take a few minutes before your meeting to jot down any questions or comments you have. Go with the right attitude Try to approach the interview with a positive and relaxed attitude. Don't be afraid to... Read more

The most important skill to teach your child

One common trait all successful adults have is resilience. The ability to bounce back from disappointment is something we have the opportunity to teach our children every day. As our kids constantly remind us, life isn't always fair. Is it a parent's role to constantly try to make life fair? How do we balance the desire to shelter and protect our children with the need to teach them how to cope with life's disappointments? The School A to Z website asked top teachers all over NSW for their tips for parents on developing resilience so children... Read more

CyberSmart for Parents: 6:30pm, 4 March

Be CyberSmart! Come along to our special parent information session to ensure your child's safety online and with the social networking. This is a must! I hope to see you this week at Colo Vale Public School. Date: Tuesday 4 March Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm All welcome! Regards Jenny Quist PRINCIPAL... Read more

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Help with your child's homework in one click

The School A to Z app has been created by the NSW Department of Education to help parents and their school-aged children, wherever and whenever they have homework and study questions. It's available free for Android and Apple mobile devices, and is an essential tool containing: English A to Z - more than 350 definitions of commonly used English terms from primary and high school. Each word has an easy-to-understand definition based on the current school curriculum, with illustrations and help sheets explaining the rules of grammar. Maths A to... Read more

Help your child plan for success this year

One of the most valuable ways you can support your child's education is to help them learn how to organise themselves and plan their time. It starts as early as Kindergarten, when they need to plan going to the toilet at lunch and recess and bring things to school for different activities on certain days. By the time they're in Year 6, they've hopefully taken on much of the responsibility of scheduling their afternoons to accommodate sports, homework and other obligations. Most children find planning easier to understand when... Read more

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Welcome back to 2014 quality education at Colo Vale PS!

Our school administration office is open on the 28 January between 8:30am and 3:00pm. Parents are welcome to contact the school or seek enrolment. Our professional administration team will assist you with your enquiries. Years 1-6 will commence on Wednesday 29 January 2014. Students will assemble in the hall at 9:00am. Kinder will commence individual assessments during the first week. Parents have received individual letters detailing the time and date of their child's personalised appointment time. Kinder students will then commence on Monday... Read more