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Last updated 10:13 AM on 20 January 2014

Our school administration office is open on the 28 January between 8:30am and 3:00pm. Parents are welcome to contact the school or seek enrolment. Our professional administration team will assist you with your enquiries.

Years 1-6 will commence on Wednesday 29 January 2014. Students will assemble in the hall at 9:00am. Kinder will commence individual assessments during the first week. Parents have received individual letters detailing the time and date of their child's personalised appointment time. Kinder students will then commence on Monday 1 February at staggered intervals with an individual time.

We look forward to enjoying a wonderful learning partnership with our parents, students and educational professional team.

Our first Colo Vale Parents and Citizens Meeting will be conducted on Monday 10 February. Our Colo Vale School Swimming Carnival will also be conducted on the same day, 10 February at Mittagong Swimming Pool.

Our school contact phone number is 48894250.

We have a fantastic year planned and look forward to working together to acheive exceptional learning and new opportunities.

Warm regards

Jenny Quist