Older News  » Wednesday 23 October: School will be open. Check your mobile for updates.

Last updated 5:49 AM on 23 October 2013

Stage 2 AFL is cancelled for the 23 October and Stage 3 Cricket Gala Day is cancelled on 25 October. There will be no outside physical sport this week. Weather conditions will be hot and windy in the afternoon. Please ensure that your child has adequate water. Check the forecast. I have found some differences from 22-29 degrees with wind gust( w to n-w form 19-55km in the afternoon).

The school will modify playground arrangements as necessary which may include inside play depending on the weather conditions. We will continue to update parents with any changes. Please keep your mobile phone on and charged. The situation can change at any time.

If your child has a respiratory condition such as asthma. Ensure that they have their medication with them.

A note went home today requesting parents to review and increase their emergency contacts. Please try and include LOCAL emergency contacts, who can collect your child quickly in an emergency.