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Last updated 5:40 AM on 9 October 2011

Click on these hot links to take you on a stimulating educational journey!


     Students and teachers

  1. Mathletics:All students at Colo Vale have access to this site. The subscription has been paid for by the P&C in 2010. Students learn maths concepts, join in maths competitions with students from around the world, and have their progress monitored by their teacher.

  2. Rainforest Maths : This will need a mathletics password. This is for younger students.
  3. Centre for Learning Innovation: Huge range of teaching and learning lessons, and interactive whiteboard activities in diverse subject areas with a search feature
  4. Maths Goodies:  Maths lessons and activities
  5. Behind the News: ABC Current Affairs Program for students
  6. Typing Tutor: BBC website suitable for all ages
  7. Inter-Lace: Web links, Encyclopedias, Research tools, Kids Fun Stuff
  8. Music: Listen, play and make music.
  9. World Books
  10. National Geographic: Winner of the Parents Choice Award
  11. Kids Help Line : Phone 1800 55 1800.
  12. Questacon : Terrific science centre site, including thinks to do for kids
  13. NASA: Space site, planet exploration and things to do for kids
  14. Anzac battlefields panoramas : Great images about ANZAC Cove

Parents: Also see 'P&C and the Community"

  1. Information on common childhood illnesses
  2. Click- A technology guide for parents
  3. Community Services : Practical parenting information and helpful tips. Phone line: 1300 20 55
  4. Parentline is a confidential telephone counselling service providing professional counselling and support for parents and those who care for children.
    Parentline NSW
    Phone: 1300 1300 52 (cost of a local call)
    24 hours a day, seven days a week