Older News  » Important Parent Tell Them From Me Survey: Closes Online Friday 23 October

Last updated 10:19 AM on 16 October 2015

Click on this https://nsw.tellthemfromme.com/j_acegi_security_check?j_username=parent16930&j_password=Col1085   and complete this short online survey today! Please encourage our friends and all of our parents to share their thoughts. Research shows us that strong home and school partnerships improve learning outcomes. The more our school knows what our parents are thinking, the sooner we can act on and respond to feedback where possible, the better! Parents can choose to use the direct link https://nsw.tellthemfromme.com/j_acegi_security_check?j_username=parent16930&j_password=Col1085 or  use the manual login below.

1.           https://nsw.tellthemfromme.com
2.           Your School's Parent Username = parent16930
3.           Your School's Parent Password = Col1085