Older News  » Canteen Closing: Wednesday 7 May last trading day

Last updated 3:01 PM on 6 May 2014

The P&C have decided to close the canteen. The school has advertised widely for a volunteer canteen coordinator or shared coordinators unsuccessfully. Please contact the school on 48894250 and speak to Jenny Quist, Principal if you are able to contribute any suggestions. This is a signficant loss to our school community as it provides a wonderful service. Tomorrow, Wednesday 7 May is the last day of trading. I would like to thank our many volunteers who have generously offered their time and commitment to provide a healthy canteen service for our students. I would also like to thank our current Canteen Coordinator, Sarah Bell who had maintained the role over and above her tenure. We are urgently seeking support to resolve this and move to a sustainable canteen model.