Student Support

Learning Support Team

Specialist teachers meet weekly to plan support programs and coordinate resources for students. The team and the school maintains contact with parents.

Specialist support teachers include:

  • School Counsellor: A trained child psychologist. Parents can request a referral to see the School Counsellor.
  • Support Teacher for Learning
  • Reading Recovery Teacher

The Principal and the class teacher are a regular part of these meetings.


Reading Recovery

Students are selected after testing, with priority given to the lowest literacy achieving children in Year 1.

Taught daily on a one to one basis, students engage in an individually designed literacy lesson for 30 minutes. Reading, writing and sentence reconstruction, letter identification and manipulation are key elements that make up the lesson.

Throughout the students time on the program, the class teacher and reading recovery teacher are in regular contact to discuss and monitor progress being made.

The program runs for a maximum of 20 weeks per student and after completing the program, students continue to be monitored by the reading recovery teacher for 2 years.